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Separating Truth from Fiction

      There is a reason why there are so many theories and myths about weight loss. The diet industry in America and elsewhere is a multi billion dollar industry. Many in this industry spend a great deal of money trying to convince you, the consumer, that their phentermine weight loss pills and products or theories are valid. This page will dispel some of the myths that are perpetuated by those in the diet industry and other information offered by those with a 'vested interest' in the weight loss industry.
      Weight loss and diet should be discussed with a qualified medical practitioner. All experts will agree on one thing - the way to lose weight is to consume less calories and exercise regularly. This is the number one fact all should know with regard to weight loss. Quick weight loss doesn't mean sustainable, healthy weight loss.
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Weight Loss Tips - Do fad diets work?

      No. Fad diets may work to some degree in the short term, but have been proven ineffective for permanent, long term weight loss. Fad diets often promise that you can lose a large amount of weight very quickly, and often recommend eliminating a certain food or foods from your diet. The promises are often false, or only apply to the short term, and a well balanced diet that includes all food groups is essential to good health. Fad diets also tend to downplay the importance of weight loss programs and exercise.
      Research about weight loss has shown that the most effective way to lose weight and keep it off is to loose between 1/2 to 2 pounds per week. This is the primary reason why most doctor's agree that weight loss pills do not work over the long term.

Can I eat anything I want and still lose weight?

      Yes and no. Weight loss involves consuming less calories than you burn in energy each day. Those wanting to lose weight should restrict their intake of high fat and calorie laden foods. Those wanting to loose weight can eat what they want, but should restrict daily calorie intake to that recommended by the Daily Food Guide.

If I skip meals, will I lose weight?

      No. Skipping meals may help you to cut calories in the short term, but even this is unlikely. The body requires a particular amount of calories every day in order to function properly. As well, the odds of eating bigger meals or snacking to make up for a skipped meal are very real. Research indicates that the most effective way to lose weight is to eat smaller, highly nutritious meals throughout the day.

Can I snack after dinner and still lose weight?

      When you eat doesn't affect weight loss or weight gain. What matters is what you eat and how much of it throughout the day, as well as how much exercise you get during the day. Snacking any time of day is O.K., provided it does not cause you to eat too many calories for that day.

Do certain foods, like grapefruit, burn fat?

      There are no foods that burn fat. Coffee consumption may speed up metabolism briefly, but this does not cause you to burn calories. The best way to burn fat is to exercise more.

Are fresh fruits and vegetables better for weight loss than frozen or canned versions?

      Not necessarily. Canned and frozen vegetables and fruit can be equally as nutritious and low in fat as the fresh version. This depends on how the products were canned or frozen. Those products that are in syrup, or that are preserved with other ingredients can contain more fat than the fresh version.

Will eating starches cause weight gain?

      Many foods high in starch are low in calories and fat. Eating too many of them, as well as eating them with rich sauces, causes them to be "fattening".Starches are rich in complex carbohydrates and are a very important source of energy for the body. Always eat whole grains, whole wheat pastas and the like when trying to lose weight.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers excellent resources and information about weight loss, weight management and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The American Obesity Association offers excellent advice and resources for encouraging weight loss in children and adults. Phentermine is among the most popular FDA approved prescription weight loss medication.

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