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Psychological Ways to Lose Weight

      When trying to lose weight, psychology can play a big factor. If mentally you are suffering from debilitating thoughts, ideas and reasoning not to mention deep rooted depression and low self esteem losing weight not to mention trying to push yourself to do much of anything can seem like an insurmountable task. In life we all need certain thing, we all know of the food, shelter and clothing but there are also psychological needs. Everyone needs to have these issue at least to some degree some of the time.

- Have moments of love, fun, and friends with people.
- You need to feel a degree of safety and security.
- You need to have some sense of control over your own life.
- Have feelings of growing or being stretched to escape boredom and to increase ones self esteem.
- Have quality time, attention received and attention given with other people.
- Feel like you belong to something bigger, part of a community

If you are feeling mentally healthy with regards to the points above your quest to lose weight will come much easier than to someone struggling with one or some of these issues.

Food can be pleasurable and as a result people can end up using it to fill a void in other areas of their life to make them feel better. While it is true we all need food to some extent, most of use do not need as much food as we eat but the line can become blurred when suffering psychologically. What makes this a double edged sword is once someone starts to eat for comfort, they end up gaining weight and as a result feel poorly about themselves because of the excess weight they have just gained. This turns into a downward spiral and causes someone to lose control.

What people need in order to lose weight is some motivation, a reason to start a change in their life. If any of these ideas seem too difficult to attempt, I would suggest you visit your doctor or psychologist about possible therapy, it maybe counseling, medication or both. Even contacting a psychologist's office about possible activities for people in similar situations as you could prove to be very beneficial.

-Try to find someone at a similar fitness level as yourself to go and do something simple together such as a daily walk. If you do not know many people in your area, try contacting a community fitness center and ask them if they have any programs in place for this. Even consider joining a group for people in a similar state to your own.
- Plan out specific easy to do exercises into your daily routine and obviously do them. Start off small, and easy, something to push yourself just a little bit with. Once you start to accomplish even something small such as a small daily walk it becomes easy to implement it or it easily turns into a habit.
- Try to get a bit of a variety, for some this may involves several different types of exercise but for many it may just be a walk each day and doing some easy exercises holding soup cans. Or you can even add variety to a daily walk by going on different routes or do it for a reason, walking to do your banking, buy some groceries, or to get a coffee (low cream and sugar of course hehe)
- Attempt something new, at first this maybe too difficult to even think of, but as you gain confidence simply doing your daily walk (for example) think about something else you could simply try, you don't have to follow through with it, but just try it. Some ideas could be golf, cycling, palates, tennis, etc. To get some ideas contact a local fitness center and see what they have to offer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers excellent resources and information about weight loss, weight management and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The American Obesity Association offers excellent advice and resources for encouraging weight loss in children and adults. Phentermine is the leading prescription medication used for the short term treatment of obesity.

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