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Hgh for Weight Loss
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Hgh and Its function in Weight Loss

      Hgh stands for Human Growth Hormone, which is produced in the pituitary gland located at the base of the skull. Hgh is responsible for many bodily functions often associated with youth. This includes energy/vitality, the production of lean muscle mass, weight loss, bone density, sexual drive, tissue growth and other health benefits most often associated with being young. As we age, primarily beyond 30, the body's production of Hgh slows and so do the benefits that come with it.

Studies have been conducted with Hgh and have found that with the supplementation of Hgh in middle age men, that on average they lost 14% of their body fat while gaining almost 9% in lean muscle mass. They also noticed firmer skin and felt more energetic. It is not uncommon for people who take Hgh to claim they feel 10-20 years younger in many cases. Hgh is available through a doctors injections but there are also supplements available online that help your body to increase its natural levels of Hgh.

Some major benefits in using Hgh for weight loss is because of its other beneficial properties. While some supplements claim weight loss, Hgh can claim this as well as so many others that non hgh supplement simply cannot deliver on. Hgh helps to create lean muscle mass. In ones quest to lose weight, it essentially means that someone wants to lose body fat, not just weight. This is because you do not want to actually lose lean muscle mass. Lean muscle helps your to actually lose fat, the more your body holds, the more calories you will burn period. Your muscles need high amounts of energy and burn calories so the more lean muscle you have, the better your metabolic rate is, not to mention overall strength and vitality.

Hgh helps to increase lean muscle tissue. Typically your body will also burn up glucose in your blood before switching to burning up fat reserves. Hgh helps the body to more effectively seek the fat cells out for energy first. Hgh has been associated with many health benefits including:

- increased energy
- improved physical recovery
- reduction in fat
- increase in lean muscle mass
- enhances metabolism
- osteoporosis reduction
- increased sexual function and libido
- improvements in cholesterol
- thicker hair growth
- reverse aging signs
- improvement in ones mood
- many more.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers excellent resources and information about weight loss, weight management and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The American Obesity Association offers excellent advice and resources for encouraging weight loss in children and adults. Phentermine is the leading prescription medication used for the short term treatment of obesity.

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