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Health Benefits of Losing Weight

      Within today's society, many of us are fixated on the issue of our weight and how we are perceived by others. In some cases, this obsession with our weight can stem from vanity but for others, our weight can be the one thing standing between us living and dying. Those of us who are overweight will be well aware of the issues which arise from being heavier than what is recommended as healthy and with this excess weight come the issue of many problems with our health. It is for this reason that when it comes to losing weight it is not just in order to conform with society, but also to help improve our health and our lives overall.
      By simply losing 10% of your current weight, you can make a huge difference in not only how you feel within yourself on a daily basis, but also the overall affect which your weight is having on your health. One of the main symptoms overweight individuals will experience is a huge lack of energy which can make it harder from them to motivate themselves to do the necessary activities and exercise to help shift excess pounds. With more energy not only will weight loss be more possible, but it can also help you feel able to do more within your everyday life whether it is socializing with your family and friends or simply venturing out of your home more often. With this increased energy, you will also find it is much easier to get around. With increased mobility, exercise will be easier and you may also find that your joints feel less pressured as you will be carrying less weight around with you. You may also feel that you find it easier to sleep soundly meaning you will awake feeling more rested making you more able to partake in activities.

      Those who are overweight or even obese will find that one of the main consequences of this will be a decrease in their health which can lead to them contracting a range of conditions. One of the main conditions found within many overweight individuals is Type 2 diabetes. This is usually contracted as a result of a bad diet but by losing weight and watching what you eat, the chances of contracting this will lessen as your blood sugar levels lower. However, with excessive body weight, other threatening conditions can often develop. Many overweight individuals can experience breathing problems which can worsen at night due to the body being laid flat. Often, measures such as beds which have the individuals sitting up while they sleep will be required in order to eliminate the possibility of their breathing becoming labored during sleep which could potentially result in death. By losing weight, breathing problems can decrease making it easier to sleep at night, and also make it less of a gamble. Issues with the heart can also arise, for example angina, frequent chest pains and an increased chance of suffering from heart disease or a stroke. By losing weight, you can help prevent your chances of contracting angina and will also decrease the chances of you suffering from a stroke or heart disease later in life.
      Finally, the main health benefit you will gain from losing weight is you will have life! By losing weight, you will be eliminating the chance of dying due to a weight related health problem. With these problems greatly lessened, your life span will increase meaning you will have to longer to enjoy your life and do all those things you were unable to do before as a result of your weight. So not only will you be lighter and healthier, but happier too.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers excellent resources and information about weight loss, weight management and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. The American Obesity Association offers excellent advice and resources for encouraging weight loss in children and adults. Phentermine is the leading prescription medication used for the short term treatment of obesity.

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