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Female Sexual Dysfunction

HSDD Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Possible Treatments


      Intrinsa® formulated by Procter & Gamble is a testosterone patch formulated to treat Sexual Disorders in some women. Its main purpose is to increase a woman's desire for sex. It works by slowing releasing small amounts of testosterone into the blood stream. This then causes an increase in a woman's libido. As a woman ages, and especially if she has had a hysterectomy or has gone through menopause this naturally occurring hormone (although in small amounts compared to a male) testosterone decreases and sexual drive can also decrease. This is where Intrinsa has been known to help. It should be noted that Intrinsa® is generally only used in menopausal woman. It has been approved in some European countries but the FDA still has not given it a stamp of approval, in fact they rejected it in 2004 but more likely because of the concern of the medication being used for other unapproved matters.

In a study with Intrinsa of surgically menopausal women, Intrinsa is said to have helped to achieve a 73% increase of sexual satisfying activity versus just an increase of 19% for those who took the placebo. Woman using the Intrinsa patch should regularly see their doctor and be aware of certain side effects. People with ailments such as heart disease, hypertension, kidney or liver disease, should use with caution as well as woman who may already have excessive facial hair growth, deeper voices and acne as this patch could potentially increase these. Intrinsa is also not to be used under certain conditions such as if one is pregnant, breastfeeding and others... Some side effects that are a possibility are: acne, facial hair growth, weight gain, anxiety, clitoris enlargement, migraines, insomnia, dry mouth and others… If you live in a country that has approved Intrinsa or could possibly benefit from using testosterone therapy for female sexual disorders, consult your doctor.

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