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Female Sexual Dysfunction

HSDD Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Possible Treatments

Female Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

      There is a term synonymous with female sexual dysfunction and it is HSDD. Although men can be diagnosed with HSDD, the way it is most often referred to, it is a female problem. HSDD refers to Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. Basically it is a lack of interest in sexual activities including the sensual or romantic interests. Millions of woman world wide are deemed to be affected by this unfortunate disorder. Many claim that this disorder is not solved the way that erectile dysfunction is solved with men but is much more complicated. Regardless, pharmaceutical companies are searching for methods to help cure this ailment.

      Every healthy person at times are not necessarily interested in sexual endeavors, this is natural. Where it becomes a problem is when it is affecting a couple's relationship. A medical diagnosis involves significant anguish and or personal problems stemming to the lack of desire. It also has to be determined that any current sexual disorder is not the result of other established mental problems such as a bipolar disorder, depression, other mental health issues, medication side effects or other drugs. A doctor will also consider the patients age and any other issues on their life that could be affecting their condition.
      Womans and Mens sexual make up vary significantly. Generally men do not need the emotional contact with their partner in order to feel sexually satisfied, where as woman generally do. As a result, the issue of HSDD is much more difficult to establish and solve. There are many other factors in life that can contribute to HSDD in a woman's life. Things like conflicts with their partner, communication issues, lack of trust, high rate of arguments, and not feeling loved. High levels of stress associated with their job, raising children, household chores, also can add to this.
      Other things that can further complicate HSDD or can be the issue themselves are drugs, illegal or prescribed, any hormonal therapies, menopause, poor health, and distressing incident(s) from the past especially sexual related. There could be control issues on part of the woman. If a woman feels overly dominated in a relationship, she may subconsciously be withhold sex as a form to implement some control and thus grow cold to the idea of “giving in”. There always is for whatever reason the woman simply not feeling attracted to her partner. But also sometimes a doctor or patient simply cannot find a logical reason for it.
      Some methods to improve HSDD include sex therapy, marriage counseling, working on improving their relationship with their partner. Some try different methods to rekindle the romance and sexual attraction, perhaps trying some different approaches. Both partners getting in shape can also help to improve overall health and bring the libido to higher levels. And as mentioned, Pharmaceutical companies are working on a chemical formulation in order to help in this area. But always talk to your doctor if you are considering this route.

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