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Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation


      Premature Ejaculation can be a difficult topic for men and women to discuss. It can affect the quality of the sexual experience between partners and ultimately leaving one or both members dissatisfied. Defining Premature Ejaculation is open to debate as it can mean different things to different people. But there is hope, understanding it more including the causes and what can be done about it can help anyone suffering from it. So what exactly is Premature Ejaculation? Some would define it as the male releasing before his partner. Others would define it as the male finishing before two minutes. Another definition would be simply the inability to control your release and ultimately coming too soon as thought by you and your partner. Most men will have probably experienced a time where they have considered themselves to have released too soon. This can often come early in a relationship or for young men, but it is not limited to such. The issue is when this becomes a theme and is found to be disruptive in ones sex life.
      What causes PE? There are a few theories behind the causes. But the big one is that men get to the 'point of no return' too soon. Once this point has been reached, it is inevitable that release is only a short moment away. This could be from earlier thoughts or feelings of being rushed in someway or some say even guilt or anxiety or simply being over exited or stress. But usually there is a connection in the brain that when the pleasurable feelings come to get it over with quickly. This then becomes a learned behavior in the brain and may need a little re-programming so to speak to help solve it. On a few rare occasions, premature ejaculation is caused from other medication conditions. These conditions could be a prostate or urinary tract infection or even some other issue, but these are not the norm for the issue.

Some Common Practices to Help Premature Ejaculation

- Relaxing, try some deep and slow breathing before and during. Try to keep your breathing under control for the entire event.

- Try thinking about something different during and treat is as 'no big deal' some men have found this effective, but others have complained that it takes away from the enjoyment.

- Starting and Stopping. If you have a difficult time in determining when your point of no return is, stop well in advance and allow yourself a little time for the stimulation to subside, then continue and repeat.

- Some have found that changing positions can help a man last longer. The typical missionary position can be the worst for lasting long.

- Try something to desensitize the penis, there are some desensitizing creams out there or to try double condoms.

      The only issue is that if you are not using a condom, it could desensitize your partner. There is a spray in the works that so far is looking promising for the FDA to perhaps pass called Tempe®. Tempe Spray if approved could be very effective in helping. Not only have studies shown it to be effective, but also effective in not desensitizing ones partner. But no guarantees yet, it must be approved by the FDA before it would be seen on the market. There is also Dapoxetine or Priligy®. This is a medication approved in some countries for premature ejaculation, it does not cure it long term, but can be used when needed.

For more information on Premature Ejaculation visit what the MayoClinic.

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