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Life Insurance

Life Insurance


      When it comes to life and being prepared financially one should never overlook insurance. Obviously there are many types of insurance that one can obtain for just about any aspect in life but one in particular stands out from the rest. While most insurance packages one can buy affects them directly this one affects those family members closest to you. It is not really for you, other than the peace of mind and love it extends in case the unthinkable happens to you. What I am referring to is life insurance. Life insurance is probably one of those insurance packages that if you are single, you will not really think about as much thinking it doesn't apply to you, but you will find out that it still does. If you are with someone and more importantly have children or dependants you will see how crucial it is that you consider it because raising children by yourself is one thing but being broke and trying to raise them is something entirely different.

      It is an all too familiar, unfortunate but completely unnecessary that is, when someone departs this life and leaves nothing behind but memories, personal possessions and unfortunately even debt while those they have left behind are not only grieving but also now financially strapped for money. The remaining immediate family is not only shocked and completely saddened by the lose of a loved one that they relied on so much but they find it even harder to grieve properly since now there is not only the unfamiliar going on with life without them but the added burden of where the finances may come from. One can only feel for people in this situation and most of us have probably known of someone in something similar to this. While it is sad, and nothing can erase the loss of a person, if this someone had actually purchased life insurance they could make sure that their loved ones at least would be able to go on in life and while never forgetting them, at least have the financial means to carry on a descent life.

      While it is common for people to think of life insurance for those new or younger parents, it is also important for the elderly, middle aged and single people. One aspect that single people overlook is that if they pass on, who is going to pay for their funeral costs? Perhaps a young single person is not that interested in such things but to overlook this could be considered a little selfish. It would not be very responsible to have a family member have to pay several thousand dollars just to provide a proper good-bye for you. Middle ages people while they may not have a high debt load or debt at all and have children or a spouse that could manage on their own if they departed, life insurance is an excellent way to make sure that your loved ones can continue on towards their dreams. When it comes to the elderly, I have an excellent and true example of some people I know where life insurance would have been perfect. A man who was close to retirement even though already working past the age of 65 had just lost his wife in a freak accident. As he started to go through all the paperwork etc, he found out that she had been hiding a large debt that she had secretly been trying to pay off without his knowledge. In an attempt to help pay it off, she had canceled their life insurance. Now, this man not only loses his wife, but has to work into his 70's just to manage this debt. Sadly the life insurance policy they had would have more than covered this and would have allowed him to retire. Whatever your age or place in life, considering life insurance is a very responsible thing to do.

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