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      Most people in developed nations know that there are medications prescribed for men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Names such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra come to mind to the average person. Another one also making some headlines lately is Avanafil, which basically works the same as the others mentioned but apparently works much quicker. Avanafil is currently in clinical trials tests but there is also another medication currently in clinical tests named Udenafil. Udenafil, like other ED treatments is considered to be an oral PDE5 inhibitor. Simply put, it allows blood to enter the penis when sexual excitement exists. Udenafil also has a trademark associated to it named Zydenaź whose rights are owned by Dong-A PharmTech Co. Ltd. a company based out of Korea. Zydena became available by prescription only in Korea in 2006 and Russia in 2009.

Dong-A PharmTech Co. Ltd. has already put Udenafil through a variety of tests including a 240 patient trial for 12 weeks where they confirmed good results. In a clinical double random, control, placebo study, four groups where tested with each man having erectile dysfunction difficulties. One grouped received a placebo, the other groups received 25mg, 50mg and 75mg respectively. Each man was given the same dose daily for a period of 12 weeks. The results showed that 88% of the 75mg group had great improvements in their ED good enough for sexual intercourse. 75% of the 50mg group had success, 69.5% of the 25mg group and 35.6% of the placebo group. A secondary test was also preformed where 65% of the groups reported improvement with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms resulting from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. Side effects from Udenafil where generally mild but included headache and skin flushing, but no visual disturbances where reported like have been with other ED treatments.

Although Udenafil (Zydenaź) is available in Korea and Russia as well as is in the works for other countries, the FDA still requires US studies be preformed with the drug before it can be allowed into the US. News released in November 2009 reported that Warner Chilcott has partnered up with Dong-A PharmTech Co. and has started Phase 3 trials being held in the USA with over 1100 men. The tests are being preformed to satisfy's the FDA's safety and effectiveness standards for ED treatments. Phase 3 drug studies usually around a one year period of time. During this time there may be updated news about the testing. If all goes well with the testing, it could still be another 2-3 years after the commencement of phase 3 tests before it would become available by prescription in the US. What seems to be an advantage of Udenafil is its once a day formula, not specifically having to take it before a sexual encounter.

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