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      The FDA has approved a new formula of Levitra® (vardenafil) called Staxyn™, It is a 10mg tablet that dissolves under ones tongue without the need for any liquid. This will be the first orodispersible erectile dysfunction medication available on the market. It is expected to be available soon. Some sources had indicated that it was to be out as soon as late in 2010, but now it looks more like sometime in early 2011. Marketing rights in the US will be done by GlaxoSmithKline and Merck.
     The drug in Staxyn is vardenafil and thus all safety information pertaining to Levitra generally applies to Staxyn. However 10mg Staxyn provides a higher systemic exposure to the medication compared to 10mg of a regular vardenafil pill. This is because absorption is greater under the tongue. This new medication will also contain phenylalanine and fructose or sorbitol to improve the taste of it.

      Staxyn is only taken as needed and approximately 1 hour before sexual activity. There are a few issues to look out for if taking Staxyn as well as some interactions with other medications or other substances. Such as not taking it with nitrates or alpha blockers. Some of the main side effects reported have been headaches, flushing skin, dizziness, nasal congestion, vision blurred and nausea. Overall the number of people who had these side effects where low and most people considered them mild to moderate.
      I suppose some of the benefits that Staxyn could provide over the Levitra form are a man may get away with taking a lesser dose due to it being absorbed within the mouth. For some who have witnessed side effects while taking Levitra, there is some potential for lessened side effects while taking a lower dose of Staxyn. Other benefits could be that if someone has difficulty swallowing, a tablet that dissolves in ones mouth would be an easier way to administer such a medication. Many people will also be curious about what its price will be. Always talk to a medical doctor about this medication if you plan on taking it or have any questions.

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