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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction
Causes of Erectile Dysfunction
Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction
Treating Erectile Dysfunction
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Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction

      The first step for any doctor diagnosing erectile dysfunction is taking in-depth medical history, including any health problems or medications currently being taken or taken in the past, as well as a history of the erectile difficulties. Any physical or emotional changes recently experienced will also be examined.

There are a number of methods used to determine if there are physical causes at work.

1) Blood tests

Blood tests are undertaken to measure hormones and any presence of diabetes. Following blood tests, there are several specialized tests available.

2) Neurological Evaluation

This will test for any potential nerve damage in the genital area.

3) Ultrasonography

This test measures arterial circulation in the genital organs. Ultrasonography employs a transducer (a wand like device) which is held over the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. The transducer emits sound waves that pass through body tissues and reflect back, creating an image to assess whether blood flow circulation is adequate.

4) Cavernosometry/Cavernosography

Cavernosometry is a test that measures penile vascular pressure.

Cavernosography is a test carried out by injecting a dye into the blood vessels to permit a doctor to assess any possible problems in blood flow into and out of the penis.

Because there are any number of nonphysical factors that can produce erectile difficulties, an assessment of whether erections can be achieved during masturbation or while sleeping is frequently a first step of diagnosis. One of the most common and simple tests involves wrapping a special type of tape around the penis before bed to confirm the presence of erections while asleep. If the tape is broken in the morning, psychological causes are often deemed present.

For more information about erectile dysfunction and it's treatment, read through the Mayo Clinic's erectile dysfunction pages. The National Institutes of Health offers excellent information about erectile dysfunction and it's causes and treatments.

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