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      There is a new experimental erectile dysfunction drug that is making news, it is called Avanafil. But what is making Avanafil gain recognition are reports out on the speed in which it starts working and perhaps fewer side effects than the current recognized medications of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Avanafil works in basically the same way as existing drugs on the market for ED but inhibiting an enzyme that prevents blood vessels from expanding, particularly in the penis.

In a clinical study involving 646 men that suffered from erectile dysfunction nearly 80% of the men who had taken Avanafil at the highest dose could have intercourse within 30 minutes. More recent news out as of January 11th, 2010 showed that the test results where more like 15 minutes. Within this same study, it showed a dose dependant correlation where within 15 minutes two thirds of the men who took the 50mg dose could have sex, 69% of the men taking the 100mg dose, and 72% for those who took the 200mg dose. . The placebo group experienced a 29% intercourse success rate. This new treatment also tends to keep working beyond 6 hours after taking it provided sexual stimulation is available The side effect most often reported was headache where 7% of patients reported such. Other side effects reported by an even smaller percentage of people were skin flushing and nasal congestion. It should be noted that the testing of Avanafil did meet the FDA's requirements for improvement in sexual function as measured by the Sexual Encounter Profile score.

If phase 3 studies continue to impress, what would make this medication appealing to men suffering with erectile dysfunction is the speed in which is starts to work. No existing drug treatment claims to work nearly as fast as Avanafil. And in an already competitive market, Avanafil may just have what it takes to really grab hold of a large market share. Other issues at hand are if a patient has experience unwanted side effects on other treatments, they may be willing to try a different medication in hopes that it will not produce similar unwanted side effects.

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