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Green Tea as an Appetite Suppressant

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Green Tea Appetite Suppressant

      Green tea has been around for thousands of years. In ancient China, it was a popular drink used to treat many ailments ranging from depression to headaches and many others inbetween. Today, science backs up Green Tea's claim of treating several health related illnesses. Thing that green tea has been found to help with is:

- Weight Loss
- Acts as an Appetite Suppressant
- Increases fat oxidization, increased ones metabolism
- reduces cholesterol
- prevents the death of brain cells
- lowers the chance of some types of cancer, such as esophageal cancer
- increases immunity
- helps rheumatoid arthritis
- reduces heart related diseases

Some ask if Green Tea is really an appetite suppressant? The answer is yes, it is. Green Tea's properties can actually help you to feel full and eat less. A trait that has been backed up with scientific research. Not only that but it does not come with any harmful side effects that are sometimes associated with prescription appetite suppressants.

What makes Green Tea so beneficial is related to the anti-oxidant known as EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate. EGCG has been shown in clinical tests to reduce the growth of certain cancers and kill currently existing cancer cells. It also has been proven to prevent the unnatural formation of blood clots which can lead to stroke and heart attacks. Although both black and green tea come from the same plant, it is only the green tea that exhibit these medicinal properties. There are also other trace elements in green tea that aid in improving ones health.

What one must be aware of with regards to green tea is that is does contain caffeine but not nearly the levels of black tea or coffee. Because caffeine levels can vary slightly from green tea product to product, we would suggest starting with a small amount first and see how the caffeine affects you if you are at all concerned about it. If you are a regular drinker of coffee / black tea/ colas then you probably will not notice much a difference if at all. One should also be aware that caffeine is an ingredient that is regularly found in many diet pills or in an appetite suppressant, so don't be too shy about it, especially in its natural form.

Lets consider the energy amounts in a pound of fat and how green tea can help. One pound of fat has approximately 3500 calories to it. Just from drinking 4-5 cups of green tea alone you could burn 70-80 calories a day simply from the thermogenesis effect. But Green Tea also contains caffeine which increases ones metabolic rate, thus burning calories. Green Tea also has various health benefits, so if you are feeling better, you would theoretically have more motivation, etc. If your considering an excellent source of green tea or other health supplements you can find them at online retailers or various health food stores. Although Green Tea can help assist in ones weight loss goals, as usual, you should add a good diet and exercise for maximum results.

Using Green Tea for maximum health and weight loss is also not very expensive in relation to what other supplements can cost and that do not necessarily work that well. I have had many people tell me that Green tea was an excellent item to add to their daily diet and would recommend it to anyone.

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