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Acomplia® Rimonabant

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Acomplia® Rimonabant

      Acomplia® or generically known as Rimonabant was created by Sanofi-Synthelabo, a Pharmaceutical Company out of France. Its main intention was to fight obesity but it was also studied and found effective against some other weight related ailments. It was originally approved for use in the UK back on 2006 and went on to be approved in other European countries. It never was approved for use in the United States. In fact in 2007 the FDA voted against it. Its workings on the brain where in some ways the opposite of what marijuana's effect on the brain. Marijuana often gave people the “munchies” where as Rimonabant removed the desire for food.

      A few years later in 2008, Rimonabant was removed from the EU markets due to psychiatric problems. Many users ended up becoming depressed and other related issues while taking Rimonabant. While effective for weight loss, it obviously could no longer be marketed due to the unwanted side effects. As a result, its maker Sanofi-Synthelabo stopped experimenting with it and abandoned it. A pharmaceutical cure to obesity has proven to be difficult to attain due in part to how weight loss in managed in ones body. Actually, it is not that difficult to find a pharmaceutical method for weight loss, but it obviously needs to be proven safe and this is where the difficulty remains.
      In recent years there have been a few other products that are still being experimented with, some more commonly known ones are Qnexa, Contrave, Lorcaserin, Tesofensine, and Empatic. Each have been shown to cause weight loss for the obese, the same issue of safety is the major factor each must prove and has thus been the biggest hurdle.

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