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      The Health Reserve is a not for profit website designed to provide health information, resources and suggestions about general health topics. The site is for informational purposes only. We are not designed to be used as a medical site and any health concerns should be discussed with a medical doctor.

Our Mission
      The goal of the Health Reserve is to provide readers with general information and internet resources where they can seek more in depth information about a myriad of health topics of interest. We research all resources thoroughly and hope that those wanting highly specific information will take advantage of the links provided. With the plethora of health information available on the Internet today, it is our goal to provide only highly qualified website links on all health topics covered. We cannot accept any responsibility for information contained on third party sites, but continuously review the resources we offer to ensure accuracy and reliability of content. The Health Reserve is an evolving project. It is a work in progress and is continually added to, revised and updated. As such, we seek to provide users with the most current health topics of interest, as well as breaking health news as it becomes available.

Our Newsletter
      *Currently there is No monthly Newsletter*

Those interested can sign up to receive our monthly newsletter. Our newsletter contains information about breaking news topics in the health field, such as FDA drug approvals, medication warnings and developments in health research. Go to the home page and simply enter your email address in the text box on the right side of the site and click the submit button. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any suggestions or questions you may have. We are interested in any and all feedback.

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